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Italforni baking stones pre-drying instructions


Do NOT install Italforni baking stones until you have read the following pre-drying instructions.
Failure to pre-season the stones WILL RESULT IN DAMAGE

  • To minimize warping and prolong the life of the Italforni baking stones, you must follow these instructions to complete the pre-drying process.

  • Pre-drying slowly removes excess moisture from the Italforni baking stone – you must KEEP THE OVEN DOOR CLOSED DURING THE PRE-DRYING.

  • Begin with Italforni baking stones at room temperature; install them inside the oven.

For Gas ovens with mechanical thermostats

(temperature controller)

  1. Pre-heat the stones with the pilot burner on for 1 hour
  2. Then, increase the temperature to 200 F
  3. After pre-drying at 200 F for 3 hours, increase the oven temperature to 300 F for 1 hour
  4. Increase 100 F every hour until maximum temperature is reached
  5. Maintain maximum temperature for at least an hour

TK series ELECTRIC ovens

(dial thermostats that range from 1 (lowest) to 10 (highest))

  1. Set the dial at the lowest setting for 1 hour
  2. Increase the top and bottom setting for heat every 45 minutes, until you have completed five 45-minute periods of drying using the initial 5 of the 10 settings
  3. Continue to increase the setting every 30 minutes until you have reached maximum temperature
  • Turn the oven off. Allow ample time for the Italforni baking stones to cool completely. Do not alter the pre-drying process!
IMPORTANT NOTE: Failure to pre-dry the stones following these instructions can result in severe damage to your equipment and void the manufacturers’ warranties.

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