About us

About us

Italforni specializes in providing the latest technology in both electric and gas-fired ovens. With over 30 years of experience, the company offers only the highest quality products, with a unique blend of modern innovation and old-world craftsmanship. Only the best materials are used to construct the ovens, with a meticulous eye for detail.  Italforni’s passion for combining beauty and function shows in all of its products.

Italforni produces a wide variety of models for the kitchen, but the company also has decades of expertise in the manufacture of advanced kilns for ceramics, porcelain and glass making.  This diverse range of product knowledge enables the company to produce versatile, even customized, ovens for any application.

Italforni demonstrates its commitment to environmental responsibility by using the latest advances in sustainable production. Wherever the company does business around the globe, the focus is on the future of our planet. From efficient production to efficient usage, Italforni’s products represent environmental innovation. With a very successful launch in the US, the company has already built relationships with customers such as the US Navy and Whole Foods Market.  

Pizza Expo 2020 Booth #919

Booth #919